NCLS Course Description


NCLS is offering a class on SAT II & AP Chinese during the second period this year. The following information may help students and their parents decide whether the course is appropriate for the students. What is SAT II: Chinese? SAT II: Chinese is one of many SAT II: Subject tests taken by college applicants, formerly known as the College Board Achievement Tests. It is a one-hour test with 20 minutes of listening and 40 minutes of usage and reading. The test measures students’ understanding of Mandarin Chinese and their ability to communicate in the context of contemporary Chinese culture. The test is appropriate for students who have studied Mandarin Chinese as a second or foreign language for two, three, or four years in high school or the equivalent. The test is offered in November by the College Board. What is AP Chinese? The AP Chinese Language and Culture course is comparable to a fourth semester college course in Mandarin Chinese. The AP Chinese Language and Culture exam is approximately two hours and 15 minutes in length, with a multiple-choice section on listening and reading, and a free-response section on writing and speaking. Most colleges and universities in the United States will grant students credit, placement, or both on the basis of their AP Exam grades. Students do not have to take the AP Chinese course at their high school in order to take the AP Chinese exam. The exam is offered in May by the College Board. What does the SAT II & AP Chinese course do? The two primary objectives of the course are: I. Improving students' proficiency in the Chinese language and culture. Students will improve their language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) through studies of various aspects of contemporary Chinese society, including geography and population, ethnic and regional diversity, travel and transportation, climate and weather, holidays and food, sports and games, and current affairs. II. Preparing students for the two tests. The course will provide information on the tests, offer advice and guidance on preparing for the tests, and administer practice tests. While this is a special course to help students prepare for the SAT II and AP Chinese tests, the ultimate goal of the course is to improve students' proficiency in the Chinese language and culture. Why is NCLS offering the SAT II & AP Chinese course? While colleges do not require SAT II: Chinese or AP Chinese as an admission requirement, a good score on these tests will give students an advanced placement in Chinese, exempt them from some or all of the language requirements, and give them college course credits. There are many students at NCLS who have the potential to do really well on these tests if they are properly prepared. The SAT II & AP Chinese course aims to provide such preparation, which will enable these students to achieve their potential. The course also helps students maintain and improve their proficiency in the Chinese language and culture. Who should take the SAT II & AP Chinese course? High school students who have completed their 10th grade Chinese at NCLS or its equivalent.