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2017 1月/2月校刊合刊:春节特刊
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2017 年义卖
时间:二零一七年三月十二日,1:30pm – 5:00pm
地点:F. A. Middle School 餐厅 (NCLS)
捐赠各种使用过的,但仍然有价值的艺术品,装饰品,日常生活用品,陶瓷器具,电子产品,衣物鞋帽,玩具,儿童书籍,厨房用具,运动用品, 光碟,录像带, 或其他。请将捐赠物标上你的估价,送到 F. A. Day Middle School 餐厅, 由我们的工作人员卖出去。所得额全部交 NCLS 支教项目。未售出的物件送去慈善机构。
欢迎商家摆摊设点。注册费将归 NCLS 支教项目,营业利润则属于业主。详情请联系
《让爱心伴着舞姿飞扬》 - 第十一届牛顿中文学校支持贫困地区教育计划募捐舞会
时间: 星期六, 2017年 3月25日 7:00 pm
地点: Hyde Community Center, 90 Lincoln Street, Newton Highland, MA 02461
门票: 每位 $ 12
Great News! NCLS will open 13 new classes in the Spring of 2017, including Chinese language, math, art, music, sports and more. 9 of the 13 new courses will be taught in English. For more information about the classes and registration, please visit 春季学期新课介绍 . Please share the news in your WeChat groups!
NCLS celebrated its 10th anniversary of the SEP Program after the graduation ceremony on June 19, 2016. To view a video highlighting the program's 10 years' achievements and the students' sense of fulfillment, please click the link. We will have a special issue on SEP10 soon, including recollections of the leaders starting the program and accounts shared by participating students on their China trips. Stay tuned. Here is the glimpse to the graduation ceremony and the SEP 10 celebration. Photo Link I .
Speech Contest 2016
On March 27 and April 3, the NCLS school-wide Speech Contest was held in the auditorium. Students continued to show strong interest in the contest. The winners will be selected to participate in the NESCAS and ACS contest.
NCLS Sees Strong Community Support
-- The 15th annual NewtonSERVES Day on May 1st saw more participants from the NCLS community and families in the neighborhood. Day School Principal Brian said the number of participants from NCLS is higher than previous years. Here is the story.
-- In recent fund-raising activities, the school continues to see strong community support to the school's biggest event Spring Festival Gala. The amount raised and the number of sponsors reached the school's record high, thanks to funder-raisers' hard work and their leader Gu Jianqiao's leadership. A team meeting was held last Sunday to summarize the past work.
NCLS Hosted city of Newton Ward 2 Alderman Candidates Debate
NCLS hosted City of Newton Ward 2 Alderman Candidates Debate on October 25.. Click this link for the event flyer. The web page here on this event is updated with video clips from the event including a NewTV news story.
2015年10月25日下午2:30,牛顿2选区市议员候选人竞选辨论会在我校礼堂举行,点击链接I。 for event flyer. 点击链接II, 获取议员候选人和主办方信息。
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