NCLS Course Description

Creative Drawing

Drawing allows children to find a creative way to express themselves.

It is a tool to develop and express ideas and a source of joy, confidence and self-esteem.

Creativity enables Innovation. The kids in 5-6 years are like sponges quickly assimilating all new information. In this age of discovery, when all they do or create is a moment to celebrate, learning drawing and painting techniques is just another celebration. I’ll set up a main idea for every class to excite students’ imagination, and I’ll teach drawing by deconstructing familiar subjects into geometric shapes that help children "see." Students learn art concepts that help them to improve and enrich their drawings.

Eventually, children learn that everything can be drawn using basic shapes and they can start applying it by themselves.

I teach at this young age the proper use of a brush and color mixing by using watercolor and color pencils. The students have the opportunity of exploring other mediums such as crayons and oil pastels.

Hope everyone will enjoy the class!

Needed materials:

1, Pencil: B or HB/2B

2, Mix-Media or Watercolor notebook (9 in* 12 in)

3, Watercolor, Color pencils, oil pastels or crayons (24 colors)

4, Paintbrushes (No.0, No.2, No.4, No.6, No.10)

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