Frequently Asked Questions about New Registration Fee and Online PayPal Transaction


Q1: What about the new registration fee and deadline to waive it? Can you explain in detail?

A: This year the school board has decided to institute the registration fee for all registration. If you register a new class, this fee will be added, unless it has been added (you pay at most $10 for your family). At the same time, the school board has decided to add a way to encourage you to pay in time. So if you pay in full on or before a defined date (for Fall 2013, it is 06/23/2013), we will waive your registration fee.

In short, here is what the policies say: the registration is about new registration. If you add a new class, the registration fee is added unless it has been added. The waive date is about paying in full on time. As long as you pay the due in full on or before the waive date, we will waive the registration fee. If you switch classes for a child, it is not considered as new registration.

Here is an example: Mr. Yang registers his son on 05/20/2013 for two classes, with a total due of $295 ($275 for two classes, $10 for book fee, and $10 for registration fee). He pays online the same day for $285. His balance is 0 since we have waived his $10. Later on 06/02/2013, Mr. Yang registers for his daughter for one class with a due of $185 ($165 for tuition, $10 for book, and $10 for registration fee). Notice that the registration fee is back, as this is a new registration. Again he pays online the same day and he only needs to pay $175 as the $10 fee is waived. Later on 06/10/2013, he registers a 2nd class for his daughter with a total due of $120 ($110 for tuition plus $10 registration fee). Notice $10 registration fee is back again as this is once again a new registration. He does not pay until the end of June. Now he has to pay the full $120 since the fee will not be waived because it has passed 06/23/2013 waive date.


Q2: If I cancel all my registration, do I get my registration fee back?

A: That depends. If you register early and pay early, that is on or before the registration waiver date, then if you later cancel all your registrations, you won’t need to pay the registration fee. On the other hand, if you do not pay early enough (on or before the waiver date), then the registration fee is there. When you cancel all, your registration fee will be retained by the school. And if you cancel after certain dates, you are also subject to other cancellation charge. See Q7.

Think it this way, the registration fee covers the administrative cost associated with registrations. When you register with the school, you should expect to pay this registration fee. The waiver is a token of appreciation of your paying in full early and it is at the discretion of the school.


Q3: Do I have to have a PayPal account if I want to pay online?

A: No, you don’t. You can just use a credit card or even a debit card. When you see the PayPal page, click the link that says “Don’t have a PayPal account?”.


Q4: Is it safe to use this system? Is my credit card information safe at your site?

A: We use secure communication with PayPal site, which is the largest online processing site with millions of users. We do not store your credit card or PayPal account information. As a matter of fact, you never enter such information at NCLS site. You enter at PayPal site.


Q5: What if I change my mind in the middle of the transaction?

A: You can cancel at any time before you finally click “Pay Now” button on the PayPal site.


Q6: Do I get confirmation when I make a payment?

A: Yes, you will receive two emails right after the transaction: one from PayPal about the payment, one from NCLS about the payment and the new balance on your account.


Q7: If I later cancel my class, how do you do the refund?

A: For refund, we always send you a check, after deducting certain fee. Visit NCLS web site for policy on cancellation. If your account has been assessed a registration fee, then this registration fee is not refundable.


Q8: After I click on “Go back to your NCLS family account” button, I am taken back to my NCLS family account, but I don’t see the payment information. Is it lost?

A: Please refresh the page. Sometimes the notification from PayPal can be a little delayed, causing the account update to happen a little delayed. It will show up.


Q9: I wait long enough and still do not see the account updated with my payment information? What do I do?

A: No panic. Did you receive an email from NCLS about your payment? If so, we have processed your payment, just refresh the page to see it. If you only receive PayPal email but not NCLS email, please take the PayPal email (with Transaction ID) to school. We will look up and resolve the issue for you!