Our Mission

Newton Chinese Language School (NCLS), a nonprofit education organization registered in MA, is one of the oldest (with 50 years of history) and one of the largest in the great Boston area. NCLS is not only a Chinese language learning center for kids but also a vivid activity center for Chinese community in the greater Boston area. NCLS offers Chinese Language learning programs and variety of Chinese culture training programs. To learn more about our school, please go to School Introduction and NCLS By-Law in Chinese.

The primary mission statement of the school is to serve the local, as well as great Boston communities in excellence for culture diversity training and language teaching with the specialty in Chinese language and culture. NCLS provides Chinese Language classes ranging from kindergarten to grade 10 and cultural classes including folk dancing, Chinese painting, martial arts, etc.

NCLS is also actively involved in local school culture diversity program throughout the town of Newton and several other towns in the area, as well as state and local town culture activities and social events throughout the year.

Location: F.A. Day Middle School, 21 Minot Place, Newtonville, MA 02460.

Time: Sunday 12:30pm- 5:00pm. First class: 12:30-1:50pm; second class: 2-3:30pm; third class: 3:40-5pm.

Tuition per semester (16 weeks):Chinese language courses: $165 and up (1st class $165, 2nd and 3rs class $175); Singapore math courses: $145 and up (1st class $145, 3rd class $155); Other classes: $145 and up; Ballroom dance class:$145 and up/one hour class .

Tuition for senior students $50.

Eligibility: All children 4 and half years older are welcome.