Parent Sign-Up

  • The duty sign up system is tied up with the registration system. Please log into NCLS registration web site on the right side with your Login ID and Password. On the home page, you will see your current duty status, whether you are exempted (if you are a teacher or a staff member), whether you have paid the duty fee to have the duty waived, whether you have done your duty, whether you have signed up for a particular day for a particular job, or whether you still need to sign up. To sign up or change, click "Update" button on any of the student record, then select a new duty from the parent duty sign up list near the end.
  • One of the biggest changes is that we no longer divide parents into 8 zones. Parents can sign up for any day in the semester. For each duty day, there will be a parent council representative who will coordinate the duties. This system works on a first-come-first-serve base. Each duty on a particular day have fixed number of slots open. When all slots are signed up, the duty will disappear from the list. So if you sign up late, you may see a much shorter duty list, which means you have less choices. For that reason, do act as early as possible.
  • The system will send out a reminder email each Wednesday morning for families who have signed up duties for the coming Sunday. But parents should take responsibility and set up their own reminders, to be sure that they show up at the right day.
  • To help understand better about the new system, click the Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ) for detail.